Peggy Klump

Peggy's dad Frank on the set on the 1940’s and 1950’s

Peggy Klump is a USEF “S” dressage judge, “R” Dressage Sport Horse Breed judge, and a USDF Certified Instructor.  Peggy operates Peak Performance Dressage, a dressage training and show stable for adult amateur riders and juniors in the heart of southern California.  Peggy just completed her third year as President of the California Dressage Society.  She has served on the CDS Board for many years, and volunteers on a national basis as Chair of the USDF Awards Committee. Peggy is an active competitor, trainer, and coach, with an extensive background in the equestrian community.  She offers a variety of educational clinics, workshops, and seminars to private stables, clubs, and organizations in order to foster a greater understanding of dressage theory and practical application, and to help improve competitive performance.

Described as an enthusiastic and high energy person, Peggy provides training that encompasses the traditional classical dressage principles, combined with the refined judge’s eye.  She has a passion for helping clients improve, with an emphasis on understanding the theory and how it can be applied in daily training for progress up the levels and success in the competition arena. Clients who train under Peggy’s eye for detail will find their sessions physically and mentally challenging as they strive for learning and gain skill and confidence.  With her wealth of experience over decades of riding and coaching clients, she strives to establish a synergistic environment where the horse and rider can grow and develop in an atmosphere that is both fun and safe.

At Peak Performance Dressage, we recognize the very intimate and special nature that the equine-human partnership develops as a result of the hours and hours of training over the years it takes to progress up the levels in dressage.  A successful training program must be sensitive and respectful of this dynamic which is quite different than other disciplines. In order to offer our clients a program of training that fosters on-going growth and skill development, we establish a foundation based on an ever-increasing understanding of dressage theory.  We approach training with an open mind, an attention to detail, an appreciation of the nature of equine behavior, a sense of humor, and a dedication to the process.  A hallmark of our program is to have an open dialogue with our clients and encourage discussion so that we create a working environment where excellence and understanding are the cornerstones.

Peggy's Background as a Trainer
Peggy brings years of experience and a tremendously wide-ranging background to her teaching and training work.  From early in her dressage career, she has been making her mark as an excellent teacher and trainer.  Just a few of Peggy’s career highlights are noted below.
•  Peggy has achieved multiple Championship titles in CDS Horse of the Year classes, as well USDF open and freestyle Horse of the Year standings, at both U.S. National and FEI levels.
•  Riding her longtime partner “Lemon Ice” (Hanoverian gelding), Peggy won the prestigious CDS futurity when Lemon Ice was only five years old.  They went on to many Championships at Second Level, Third Level, Fourth Level, and Intermediare 1, with scores in the 70+% range at every level.  They also won the USDF Open and Freestyle Horse of the Year standings, at both U.S. National and FEI Levels, earning Peggy her Gold Medal for rides at Intermediare 2 and Grand Prix.
•  Peggy is also an excellent trainer of horses with non-traditional dressage backgrounds, as shown by the continued success of these horses against the usual warmbloods in the highly competitive southern California dressage circuit.  She has had many USDF All-Breed Champion, Reserve Champion, and Top 3 placings at all Levels up to Grand Prix with “Call Me Sporty” (Arabian gelding) and “Dakota Wind” (Half-Arabian gelding).  With Quarter Horse “Mr Gee’s Rick-a-Tic”, Peggy placed in the top ten of the CDS Futurity when “Rick” was just a five year old.  Under Peggy’s watchful eye and skillful training, “Rick” and his owner/rider Cindy Allen-Lapp successfully continued up the Levels through Prix St George.
•  Peggy’s experience and knowledge have always given her an edge when it comes to understanding horses and riders, and how best to help them achieve their goals.  This has been demonstrated over and over again, as Peggy and her clients, over years of training and competing, have been able to consistently attain scores above 70% at nearly all levels of competition.

What Makes Peggy Unique?
Peggy’s experience with horses began very early, as her father Frank was a “wrangler” (animal trainer for the motion picture and television industry) for more than 40 years.  This exposure gave Peggy an innate understanding of horses and small animals.  She grew up around numerous trick horse trainers like Ralph McCutcheon (Fury, Black Beauty), Les Hilton (Mr. Ed) and Kenny Lee (National Velvet).  Her dad trained many small animals for Disney’s Wide World of Color, including old favorites like Old Yeller and Savage Sam.  He also worked with many animals for countless episodes of Lassie, and a multitude of westerns, including Wagon Train, Rawhide, and Bonanza.  Frank’s “animal work” brought him in contact with many stars of the day, including Gregory Peck, Glenn Ford, Elizabeth Taylor, and James Dean.

Peggy’s childhood and teen years with horses were shaped and molded as she honed her skills as a “catch rider”, showing all breeds and disciplines, ranging from western stock seat divisions, including reining and trail horse, as well as hunters and jumpers, and even saddle seat.  Following her graduation from college, Peggy lived in Germany for three years and took dressage and jumping lessons in Stuttgart and Berlin.  During her time in Germany, Peggy purchased and trained a Trakehner mare and showed her in “material” classes.  She also attended many elite German horse auctions and stallion licensing tests, and traveled throughout Germany with various horse agents, helping them select dressage horses and breeding stock for their American clients.

All this experience, along with her many years in the dressage field, gives Peggy the unique ability to understand horses and riders from many disciplines, and to help them take their dressage riding to the next level.