USDF Licences
•  Dressage “S” Judge
•  Dressage Sport Horse Breed “R” Judge
•  Additional Certifications to officiate at Finals Competitions in Dressage Seat Equitation
    and Young Horse divisions

Other Accomplishments
•  USDF Certified Instructor
•  USDF Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals

Contract and Booking Notes
•  The Ontario International Airport (Ontario, CA) is the home airport for booking flights.
•  Contracts for judging services include daily judging fee, flight costs, lodging, per diem,
   and transportation to/from the local home airport and the destination airport.
•  Peggy often conducts clinics, seminars, or workshops at the conclusion of her judging
    contract for interested clubs or stables.

In the Judge's Box
As a judge who still trains horses, competes at dressage, and coaches riders, Peggy has empathy with the exhibitor and understands the nerves and stress of competition.  In her role as instructor, Peggy will always point out the rider’s strengths and highlights, and then outline what areas need improvement.  She prides herself in being fair, articulate, and encouraging, and uses test scores and judge’s comments to help the rider gain a clearer understanding of precisely what is required to improve the performance.

Practical Background as a Judge
•  In the dressage arena she brings years of experience expertise into the judging box.
    Her career includes multiple Championship titles in CDS Horse of the Year classes, and
    USDF open and freestyle Horse of the Year standings at both national and FEI levels.
•  Peggy started breeding warmbloods crosses in 1974 with a Thoroughbred mare and
    competed in the fledgling in-hand classes in the late 1970s and early 1980s.  She
    produced two generations of foals that, under her training, went on to FEI careers in
    dressage .
•  As a judge with show experience in many disciplines, Peggy uses her knowledge and
    expertise when judging diverse disciplines and divisions, including Western Dressage
    and Driven Dressage.  She has also judged group classes at Breed Shows and Sport
    Horse Shows, including Material, Dressage Suitability, Sport Horse Under Saddle, and
    Show Hack classes