Peggy gives every rider a high level of attention. She asks riders to develop a habit of riding with physical and intellectual awareness.  Riders will learn what it is they are supposed to do, why they are doing it, how it is to be properly executed and how it will affect the horse.  Riders are challenged to focus on all aspects of riding, including body control and coordination, which in turn contributes to more refined aids with better timing.  With a combination of better awareness and understanding, the program is designed to help the rider gain the strength and elasticity that allows them to follow the mechanics of the horse’s gaits with the improvement often expressed by more harmony between horse and rider.  In Peggy’s program the ultimate result with lessons and training is increased satisfaction and pride in personal growth, progress up the levels, and the resulting success in the competition arena.

    Lesson Format
    •  Private lesson--45 minute session
    •  Private lesson--30 minute session
    •  Semi-private lesson—2 horses/riders
    •  Group Lesson—up to 3 horses/riders

School Horse(s)
Clients who are interested in either a lesson or training program, and do not have a horse available to them (for whatever reason) can contact us to see about the availability of lesson horses.  At the present time a 2nd/3rd level lesson horse is available.  The fee for use of lesson horses varies on training and availability.  Full service grooming and tacking service is available.