General Requirements
General Policies are available on the Resources Page

Horse Care
•  To ensure that  horses are kept at the optimum level of performance, we will assist clients in determining the best combination of feeds and supplements that will maintain the best weight, muscle, and condition, without increasing overly frisky and/or nervous behavior.
•  Horses in training are usually fed extra hay, as well as supplements with vitamins, joint support, electrolytes, etc. as needed.  We will help our clients determine what supplements are appropriate for each horse based on the training demands, exercise, show schedule, age, and unique requirements for each individual horse. These products must be purchased and supplied by the horse owner.
•  Our service includes assisting clients with the delivery of hay and administering prescription medications.  Vaccinations must be current, and the horse’s teeth floated within the last calendar year.

Mortality and major medical insurance are strongly recommended for any horse having a value of more than $5,000 or who is 16 years or younger in age.  This coverage will protect the client as dressage horses have significant monetary value; it provides alternatives for medical care as horses also represent a tremendous emotional connection and commitment.