To help clients achieve their dressage riding goals, Peggy continually works to ensure that each individual horse and rider team is appropriately matched in both tangible and intangible qualities.  With this goal in mind, Peggy works with clients to help them purchase a new horse, as well as market and sell a horse they currently own.

When clients are shopping for a new horse, Peggy uses a comprehensive evaluation process, keeping in mind the strengths and weaknesses of the rider and the suitability of a prospective sale horse.  With her years of experience, Peggy is able to assess all the following qualities to ensure that a rider’s new equine partner will be best suited to the client and his or her riding goals.
•  Temperament
•  Disposition
•  Ground manners
•  Athletic ability
•  Previous training
•  Quality and freedom of gaits
•  Age
•  Confirmation
•  Work ethic
•  Show record
•  Value relative to price
•  Overall suitability of the horse for the client and work

ddUnderstanding that riders can outgrow an equine partner, Peggy can help assess the horse’s current level of work and create a marketing strategy to find the horse a suitable and appropriate new owner.  Keeping in mind that owners invest time and emotion in their horses, Peggy is sensitive to the “peace of mind” needs of current owners in making sure that their horses will be sold to the best situation possible.

Sales, Purchases, and Lease Policies and Practices
•  Commission: 10% of sale, purchase, or lease price
•  Expense Reimbursement: Client is responsible for all Peggy’s expenses, including all
    travel costs, incurred during the buying, selling, or leasing process, whether or not a
    transaction is consummated.