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 Peggy has been involved in the horse world her entire life, and her depth of knowledge and experience will help you reach your riding and training goals.  Click for a general overview of Peggy’s equine business and philosophy.
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Dressage Training

Dressage is the “basic training” for every horse, from Introductory level to Grand Prix.  Click to see more information about Peggy’s comprehensive dressage training program for your horse.
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Dressage Lessons

Whether you ride your own horse or one of our school horses, Peggy’s dressage lessons will help you achieve harmony with your horse to become a better rider.  Click to see more details and information about lessons.
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Dressage Shows

Peggy’s student show locally and nationally with great success.  For a comprehensive list of details about preparing for and attending shows with Peggy, click below.
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Clinics & Seminars

Peggy does clinics and workshops across the country and around the world.  Click to see details on booking an event with Peggy.
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With Peggy’s years of experience in the dressage world, she can help you find just the right horse, whether you choose to lease or buy.  Click here for more details.
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Hi Peg, Just wanted to say thanks again for all your hard work, everyone enjoyed the clinic immensely.  See you next month.
  --Melaine Burkhart, Confetti Farms

We want to thank you for a wonderful experience at the Schooling Show and Clinic. This was a great experience for a beginner dressage rider, who just wanted to learn more about riding dressage in a very friendly environment. Peggy Klump was very patient, friendly, and explained the concepts very well. We had a delightful time, learned new skills, and got an appreciation for the discipline it takes to ride a dressage test. What more could you have asked for? Thank you and your team for a wonderful outing.
--Pat Jamison, Gaylene McIntosh, and Misa Welke

I wanted to take just a moment and thank you for all of the wonderful feedback you gave me at Sunday's show and clinic.  I am a former endurance rider turned dressage enthusiast who wants to excel.  Since beginning dressage two years ago, my Arabian and I have struggled with not only the basic concepts, but with image issues, too.  Former endurance Arabians are not common in the dressage arena (around here) and can look out or place next to the many fancy breeds with whom we compete.   When I rode with you in the afternoon, you made me feel like I was on the fanciest dressage pony out there.  As an elementary school classroom teacher, I greatly appreciated your enthusiastic approach to the lesson.  You were complimentary when warranted, tough when I made a mistake, and you presented the ideas in a way that I could easily understand.  Thank you for teaching such a great lesson to a student at the very lowest levels.
  --Karen Sweaney