We offer a variety of individual programs training programs as outlined below:

Full Training
Full training includes any combination of professional rides/training sessions and/or lessons 5 days per week.  On scheduled work days, horses will be turned out, blanketed and unblanketed, manes pulled, bridle paths and tails trimmed as needed,  and fed hay, supplements, and medications as needed.  Trainer will assist clients with appointments, including: coordination/consultations with farrier, routine vet appointments, saddle fitter, chiropractor, ordering/delivery of hay, supplements, and other care products.

Half Training
Half Training includes any combination of professional rides and/or lessons for a total of 8 schooling sessions and/or lessons per month.  Missed appointments are not carried over from one month to the next. On scheduled work days, horses will be horses will be turned out, blanketed and unblanketed, groomed, and fed supplements and additional hay.

Horse Care Package
In the event a horse has a lameness issue and/or serious injury and is unable to be worked regularly, clients will be offered specialized care packages that can include any combination of services as needed (including hand walks), and hay and supplements fed as needed .

Additional Horse Care Services
•  Orchard or timothy hay fed twice daily
•  Packed supplements and/or prepared medications fed as needed
•  Blanketing/unblanketing in winter
•  Turn-out services.
•  Full or trace body clips
•  Routine trips to our specialist vet Dr Lenhert, at Apple Valley Equine Hospital
•  Coordination with the farrier, John Gorton, who comes every Thursday.
•  On-site or at show appointments for saddle fit checks with professional saddle fitter
    Terry Zambrana.